Meditatie Gerjan Schoemaker

Ecstatic Shaking Meditation Journey | Short Version 14 min shaking | Gerjan Schoemaker

July 28, 2023
Meditatie Gerjan Schoemaker
Ecstatic Shaking Meditation Journey | Short Version 14 min shaking | Gerjan Schoemaker
Show Notes

Ecstatic Shaking Meditation Journey - Gerjan Schoemaker


  • Stress relief
  • Activation Life force energy / Kundalini energy / Shakti energy
  • Relief of mental and physical tensions
  • Letting go on a deeper level
  • Stimulate the emotional and physical self-healing capacity
  • Experiencing another level of consciousness or other spiritual-/ mental states


- Make sure you are upright and still relaxed. Feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent. Preferably keep the feet parallel to each other, so not slanted in or out in a V-shape. Check whether your shoulders are relaxed, jaws are locked and feel whether there are still tensions in the body that you can release further. Perhaps on each exhale you can soften your body a little more.

- When the music starts you will hear a bell after a few seconds. Then start the shaking from the knees. Let your whole body move. Keep both feet flat on the floor and try to keep the body relaxed. Make sure that you keep your shoulders, neck and jaws relaxed, so that your head also moves freely. The more relaxed the body, the better the energy can flow through it. And the better the energy flows through the body, the more blockages and tensions are released.

- While shaking, keep your attention on your body. You use the body; the energy flow, vibrations and other sensations that you can perceive in the body, as a meditation object. If thoughts, feelings and emotions present themselves, allow them in, and at the same time try to keep your attention on the body. Don't resist it. Intend to stay out of the stories, be clear in the present moment. If you do get caught up in thoughts or otherwise distracted and you notice this, try to relax and return to what you intended to be with, namely your body. In this way you always return your attention to your meditation object and let all other phenomena come and go.

- In the middle you hear a second bell, it's the time the music gets to a new energy (again), and your own body and energy might follow.

- At the end you will hear another ending bell. Then don't stop abruptly, but let the shaking come to a slow stop. Then stand still for a while until the music ends.

- When the music is over you can continue to meditate in silence for another 5 to 45 minutes. Preferably a sitting meditation where you sit upright, but you can also stand or lie down if you find that more comfortable.

After shaking, don't engage in busy activities. Slow down, take your time and try to be mindful.

Make sure you practise this in a safe place. If you have physical or mental complaints, first consult a doctor before practicing this meditation, to see whether it is wise to practice such a meditation. If you have doubts or have questions please contact Meditatie Instituut Nederland. There are experienced meditation teachers who have done the Meditation Teacher Training program, who might can assist you the first times practising this meditation.

More information
- Youtube: Gerjan Schoemaker (later this year an instruction video will be published)
- Meditatie Instituut Nederland

Kundalini / Shakti energy awakening shaking meditation by Gerjan Schoemaker.

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